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Time:01:36 am
pretty good interview with the street fighter 4 cat. seems like they really thought it through.

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Subject:mistaken identy
Time:04:30 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
 ok so i was cleaning out my blogspot account, ( i've found recently that i've been getting a lot of for lack of a better word "spam" in my comments. ) when i came across a comment in response to this picture and comment i posted awhile back:

Tigra, the woman with all the powers of a tiger.
Oh Tigra, your pretty much just for fapping purposes aren't you.
i mean come on, her hero uniform is a bikini!!

Alex wrote:

        "However old this topic is, it ain't stopping me from putting in my two cents. Why? Why would I say something here a year later? It's because I want to tell you, Brian, how truly pathetic you are. Why do I think such a rotten thing? For one thing, Tigra is NOT just for fapping and that was a blatant attempt on fratboy like writers like Shooter, Englehart and Bendis to make her look bad. For another thing, writing her saying that "yeah I guess your right" crap? HAH! Double pathetic. The things I know of her? She's one of many characters who could be great but haven't gotten their due. And for a third thing, that you only got one comment here until now and appreciated it? PHAH! Tripe pathetic and the way you think Tig to be just for fapping purposes even if her uniform IS a bikini only proves your ignorance of the above Shooter/Englehart/Bendis stuff and much else to prove she's more and how wrong you are. I've met a lotta pathetic people on the Internet who were wrong about a lot of subjects, however major or minor, however real or fictional, in pathetic ways. And you just joined the club, Brian. Congrats. I will say it one more time, especially since such blatancy as the Bendis/Shooter/Englehart mentioned above should be as obvious as any blantancy, and since this is all tommy rot bull to me like it was with many on the internet on various subjects who were similar like this. YOU ARE PATHETIC, BRIAN. YOU ARE PATHETIC. And you even drew that picture pathetically. Way to make it a pathetically perfect fit, pathetic one."

first of all, wow that is really long. second, i'm posting this because it's awesome i got my first random fanboy hate comment! :) i kind of want to write this guy like: a) sorry dude i really don't give a crap about tigra, sorry. and b) that was a great read. also i'm sorry you care so much about tigra.

i just thought it was funny, i've never been criticized for something i don't care about before :). -laters-

-ps: admittedly it is a pretty bad tigra. but i think it's a pretty good tiger lady in a bikini-
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Subject:dum dud da da da dum da da da ta da da ta du ta da da daaa!
Time:03:57 am
Real Quick!!
for all my monster hunting friends on LJ. watch this, some guy builds a functioning GUNLANCE!
the video is a little long but stick with it it's kind of interesting to watch.
he builds it from scratch, out of real stuff, not card board or something.

+check it+

he is totally going to be ready when the paper mache tigrex shows up at his door!
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Subject:Target + Cosco = USA!
Time:02:35 am
Current Mood:nervousnervous

I was coming home at like 1 in the morning and i heard this.
it's a charming story about consumerism... yeah that sums it up.


this probably comes a no surprise to those that have been outside of the country
but i was floored when she was talking about her doctor visit. :)
his is a link to the article if you want to read it

New Jersey Monthly

and the radio show i heard it on

The Story

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Subject:i'm still all bruised up from 2
Time:03:00 am
Current Mood:lethargiclethargic

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Subject:READ, READ, READ!!!
Time:02:49 am
Current Mood:artistic
OUT IN JANUARY... i hope?i put up 4 pages of book two on my blogspot. it took way longer than it should have to do, long story short blogspot interprets html code literally so it will F up your code with a bunch of crap if you dont type it the way it wants.

anyway i'm pushing for book two to be out sometime in late January. i've already started coloring and and i waiting for the last few pages to get back from my inker, Joe silver. doing book two has been something else. it's turning out to be a real bench mark for me, i'm having to learn to keep to a schedule, finding out who is and is not reliable, and most importantly coming to grips with what kind of book im writing. there was supposed to be two stories in each issue but because of the size of the first story and my "deadline" i only had space enough for one. (makes me glad it stars the cover girl.)

because this book is so chatty i've been checking out a lot of artist that make verbally intensive comic. it's interesting to see how different artist handle large amounts of dialog. for those of you who are interested here's a few that i've been reading:

SIDEKICKS - by J. Torres / Takeshi Miyazawa.
a lot of people say my book is similar to this which is very flattering. Miyazawa however is a fan of the slanty panels that i dont really care for. it makes pages hard to read, but it does keep them lively which is great.

OHIKKOSHI - by Hiroaki Samura
this is a good read, Samura (better known for the blade of the immoral series) does a great job of keeping the readers attention. every page is seasoned with some kind of show piece panel, Frank Cho calls them money shots. a well detailed background, an "artsy" dialog panel or a japanese gag panel. it's really well balanced and keeps the reader moving.
-WARNING: OHIKKOSHI is a japanese romance comic which, if your not familiar, means it has a horribly depressing ending-

WET MOON - by Ross Campbell
wet moon gets away with a lot of the stuff i would like to in my book. whenever i would get head crazy worrying about content and what i can and can not do in a comic i would open wet moon and kind of calm down. Campbell's book is really logical, it moves where the conversations moves. when someone has a reaction you see it, if someone references something you see it. it works well to keep the reader engaged in what is being said.

catsby is an extraordinarily artsy book. free images, floating text, creative camera angles and points of view; and all in rich creamy color. its is a gorgeous book. however, unlike Campbell or Samura the dialog and the images do not work together at all (to me anyway). it's like if you were to watch a movie on mute while listening to it through the phone. it makes sense but there's a weird disconnect between the two. Bill Watterson once said something to the effect of if he didnt have a funny gag for Calvin and Hobbes he would try to draw funny pictures. thats kind of what i think is going on in catsby, you either git a lot of good dialog or a killer image.

LOST AT SEA - by Bryan Lee O'Malley
dialog is king in O'Malley's melancholy comic. Kind of like a hybrid of wet moon and catsby the panelwork follows the dialog but when the dialog gets heavy O'Malley will shove it in front of images free float it in blank space what ever it takes for the reader to know whats important.

YOTSUBA&! - by Kiyohiko Azuma
i first read and enjoyed Azuma's creation in the original japanese. Yotusba is a powerhouse visual stimulus, ti can take the most mundane thing and make it not only interesting but charming if your in a comic book store ( or a Boarders >P ) give this book a flip through Azuma is a wiz with scenery and story telling, and most importantly he does it all with a minimum of anime "wild takes".

well thats it, hope that was informative and of course that people reading this will check out my preview i'll post another before i finish.
- Seacrest out!!
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Subject:Frest Scout Rangers: building to tomorrows brave leaders today!
Time:04:21 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Forest Scout Ranger, Daichii began putting together ideas for the BURST ANTHOLOGY i'm contributing to. i decided to do sanctuary school story. (it sounds obvious but it was honestly up in the air for a while.) if you click on the picture you'll see the two character designs i've been working on for it. i decided to do a camp story staring Nina and Tyler. really wanted to do like a scooby doo thing where there's some one dressed in a monster costume. the idea that weird looking kids with super powers, would still be kids and afraid of monsters tickles me. the funny thing is i came up with this idea then i looked at the cover of BURST its some blood soaked emo thing and here i come with adorable children. : ) but screw it i like this story and im sticking to it i'll throw in some punching to balance it out.

i'm really behind schedule on my own book though all the web-page building and conventions has really slowed down production i'm hoping to at least have the first story penciled by the end of the month so i can start the camp thing.

speaking of conventions i went to baltimore comic-con. it was ok. but in my mind it pales in comparison to SPX. baltimore has more of a trade show feel then a comic convention. i guess i just spoiled i'm not used to standing in lines to see artists. also all their "panels" where just dressed up sales pitches for up coming comics. that  was disappointing. i did get to give a copy of issue one to Ryan Ottly and Craig Rousseau. the artists of Invincible and The Perhapanauts respectively. i didn't give it to them as a pitch or anything they were just really influential in my work so i wanted to let them know. i did talk to editor at dark horse. he said my book looked good so i might follow up on that.

well its late and i need sleep - seacrest out!!

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Time:02:25 am
Current Mood:artistic
so as usual spx was really cool.  meet some good folks and had some really good conversation. i missed the second day because i over slept though it was kind of lame. i didn't even draw that day, i just played disgaea 2 on psp.

oh wait i'm a big fat liar i drew this!

i really like the way it came out. as far as comics go i'm aiming for a december release i have a few pages i could post as previews but they're of the first story and i'm not sure what to post that would be interesting and spoiler free. at some point i'll have to just bite bullet and put up pages.

meet a cute girl on the train the other day she gave me a look like she was interested and that was mainly because she was! but she was too young for me  (like 20, dude. i was in collage when she was being born!) i could tell as soon as she started talking. it was really weird, it was like being wolverine talking to jubilee i kept trying to dissuade her but it wasn't working.  at one point she was talking about moving and i said something about the social phenomenon of the wealthy moving to areas and pushing the poor out and she looked at me like broke into japanese mid-sentence.  it was terrible. but i gave her a lift home and my number and i really hope she doesn't call me.

if no one else says it, see Zombieland. it was not what i expected but i enjoyed it a lot. two spoiler free things about zombieland though. at some point in the film they call it "Z-Land", so gross. also i could have sworn up and down that the main kid from this movie was Michael Cera. they are nearly identical to me, i swear hollywood has cloning technology!

that's about it. vital stats:
PLAYING: Disgaea 2 - PSP
WORK: still sucks, but i'm glad to be employed
MARITAL STATUS: single ( ladies. )

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Subject:Not Fade Away
Time:05:07 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
i havent posted in a long while so since im up i figured what the hell!

im going to try to get all this together in a coherent fashions so bear with me. im back on my comic having pretty much finished the web site for it. i have a few tweeks here and there but its done for the most part. i'll put a link some time this week. but trouble is brewing on the horizon.

you see i was downloading some cartoons today and my computer was kind enough to tell me i was low on disk space i went to check only to find that i have 430 some odd megs left. that right megs, not gigs, megs!! so of course my  first reaction was to get rid of some o' this porno. but then i thought to myself, there is no way i have that many naked ladies on my computer. and it was true, i have maybe a gig at best. not enough to clog up a 40 gig hard drive. second thought: i do have a lot of cartoons maybe i could ditch some of those to a disk or something. i have about 3 gigs of cartoons. long story short all the programs and files i deal with on a daily basis add up to about 10 gig of memory. so the question is begged where the hell is 30 gigs disappearing to?! i think i may need to pull a noah's ark on my computer round up all the fills i use and wipe this sucker clean, start fresh. i'm just not sure how to do that.

ok i tried not to talk about this but i cant help it! fuck, monster hunter is fucking hard!! and damn my friend Crieg for getting me involved in this addictive ass game and then abandoning me! (and i don't care if i spelled your name right, i'll never spell it right again!!!!) OMG TIGREX!! you son of a whore if i use a stronger weapon on you i'll have to get in your face and you'll fucking kill me. if i use a weapon with more range it'll be to weak and i won't be able to kill you in time. damnit, i'm at my wits fucking end!!


look at this thing how am i supposed to kill it by myself!?!?!
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Subject:the emissary from hell, spiderman!!!
Time:01:48 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
this is so damn funny!!

i love the excessive crawling, this show is awesome!!
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